Underwater Survey

Underwater Survey & Inspection Subsea Marine Ltd carry out surveys and inspections to establish the condition, findings and potential defects or repairs needed, of any area, structure, or vessels. Our inspection experts utilize an array of techniques depending on the customer.

From simple visual inspections to sophisticated multi-system projects using a variety of technology such as

Side Scan Sonar and ROVs

CCTV / Stills Photography

Bridges / Pipelines / Ships / Small boats / Sunken vessels / Subsea Structures / Piers / Quay Walls / Jettys / Marker Buoys / Seabed / Shoreline Profiling / Pre & Post Dredging / Water Tanks / Cathodic Protection Evaluation / Non-destructive testing (NDT)


We are Ireland's Commercial Diving Company.

Contact Us Tel: +353872547362 : Email: info@subseamarine.ie