Ship Survey


Underwater inspection and survey of ships require a comprehensive knowledge of ship construction, propellers, marine structures, corrosion, paint coatings and marine growth, and is necessary to provide the customer with a full and accurate report of the condition of their vessel.

If carried out by our expert inspection divers, with underwater CCTV, this in water survey, can make huge savings for our customers by avoiding the need for dry dock.

SHIP / BOAT REPAIRS Subsea Marine Ltd carry out emergency repairs to ships, trawlers, and small boats. Once the damage has been determined our divers have the technical knowledge to remove any defective areas of shell plating and weld replacement plates into position whilst the vessel is afloat.

SHIP HULL / PROPELLER CLEANING Millions of tons of costly fuel are wasted each year due to the negative effect of fouled hulls and propeller roughness. A smooth clean hull is the most efficient fuel saving device you can have on board a ship, and the savings made are a vital part of profit projections. It is recommended that hull and prop cleaning is carried out up to three times a year.

Subsea Marine can help you to save money with our hydraulic brush system.


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