Salvage & Recovery

As a Diving Contractor in Ireland, Subsea Marine has been involved in many important salvage operations around our coasts. Many of our personnel have also worked in this area further a field. Salvage involves the towing/refloating and/or dismantling of sunken or grounded vessels. Protection of the environment is paramount and our first priority is to prevent pollution by ensuring oil booms are in position to avoid oil spill or contaminants leaking into the surrounding waters.

We specialise in the salvage and recovery of Fishing Vessels / Trawlers / Tugs / Dredgers / Yachts / Barges / Cranes / Aircraft Recovery / Cargo / Valuable Goods / Hazardous Materials.

Salvage methods differ depending on the location and circumstance of the operation. Traditional methods include: Damage repair and Refloat /Wet Welding Repair / Crane Barge lift / Airbags / Demolition & Removal of Wreckage / Cargo Removal

Don’t forget as divers we can search and locate any sub sea object such as Anchors / Chains / Propellers / Marker points / Lost Objects

We are always ready to provide salvage services for any marine accident or emergency and stand ready to serve your needs when disaster strikes. Call us anytime to discuss your individual needs.

We are Ireland's Commercial Diving Company.

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