Pipeline Installation

One of our strongest areas of competence is underwater pipeline installation, inspection, maintenance and repair. Underwater pipelines are used for many different kinds of projects including water intakes, water and sewage transport.

We work as both contractor or subcontractors during pipeline installation operations, from preparing the seabed for installation, installing, joining, and securing the pipe to the seabed. We finalise our operations by re assuring our clients with full CCTV footage and stills photographs of all works and dye tests.

We regularly carry out routine pipe inspections to assess the extent of damage and to determine any necessary repairs, thus helping to eliminate the need for costly shutdowns. We can provide written survey reports to accompany CCTV footage and prepare recommendations for our clients. This can mean that any issues discovered can be managed, before they become problematic, saving the client time and money.

ROUTINE UNDERWATER PIPELINE INSPECTION can determine: Leak Detection / Debris buildup within the pipe / Blockages / Damage to structure / Ultrasonic thickness measurements / Cathodic Protection Evaluation (CP Meter)

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