Debris Removal

Subsea Marine ltd routinely carry out underwater repairs, maintenance and debris removal, as part of a general maintenance programme or in relation to a specific problem that may occur.

The initial step is to carry out an inspection to establish the extent of the operation in hand, and to discuss its findings with our customers. In most cases we can rectify the problem easily and efficiently.

Our underwater repairs, maintenance & debris removal covers the following areas:

Bridges / Pipelines /Intakes / Outfalls / Piers & Piles / Pile wrapping / fender installations / Marine Growth removal / Water tanks / Subsea Structures / Steel / Timber Marine Cathodic Protection


From hull damage to anode installation our dive teams have the knowledge and experience to carry out high quality wet welds and underwater burning.

It is our policy to employ only qualified welders for all underwater welding and cutting projects.


We are Ireland's Commercial Diving Company.

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